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Ivanovo Region

Ivanovo Region is famous for its textile industry and traditional arts and crafts, particularly Palekh and Kholuy lacquer boxes and miniatures. The active development of the textile industry at the beginning of the XIX century was due to the use of American cotton instead of local flax and the widespread introduction of steam machines for [...]
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Yelets: a Small Russian Town in 400 km from Moscow

Perhaps there are exceptions. Too lazy to look for them. But on the streets of Yelets it suddenly occurred to me that Russian towns with short and expressive names have their own unique provincial aura. Torzhok, Totma, Ustyug, Plyos ... The list goes on and on. And, for example, no matter how hard St. Petersburg [...]
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Plans for the Nearest Future

Orthodox Churches of Alberta, Canada.
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Solovetsky Islands, May 2017.

There are not many people on Solovetsky Islands in May. Mostly, only the local residents. May 2017 happened to be very cold. The snow on the island did not melt. Ice remained on the lakes and in the bays of the sea. Even the first tourist ship could not enter the Bay of Wellbeing. We [...]
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